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 Kazu's jutsu's

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Kazu Tenkiro

Kazu Tenkiro

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PostSubject: Kazu's jutsu's   Kazu's jutsu's Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 4:43 pm

- Carp Rapid-Fire Gun [Koi Sokushahou]
A simple jutsu that causes a person to gradually produce water in their mouth that can be spit out at an opponent. It can hit with enough force to stun your opponent if it is done properly. It can be done 5 times in succession, or one jet can be shot per post

- Mist Blade [Kiri no Yaiba]
Using this technique the user can create an extended sharpened edge made of mist from their hands or an already existing weapons.

- Mist Clone Skill [Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu]
A technique that creates false clones of the user. The clones are used as a diversion while the user attacks. The clones are incapable of attacking, but any attacks made on them pass right through.

- Water Armor [Mizu no Yoroi]
A thin layer of water covers the user's whole body. It gives him/her a small protection by dampening the effects from (genin-level) fire techniques by cutting the damage done by them in half and does stand up against taijutsu. While the armor is on, it constantly draws out small amounts of the user's chakra until its HP runs out.

- Water Clone Skill [Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu]
A skill which creates clones composed of water. The water clones are significantly weaker than the user but are still capable of inflicting damage on the opponent. A clone will have one fourth of the user's hp and stats, but no chackra.

- Water Element; Water Shuriken Technique [Suiton; Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu]
By using their chakra an opponent manipulates water to form shuriken from it. Once the shuriken cut, hit, or fall to the ground they return to water with no form. The water can be re-used.

- Water Shield Technique [Mizu Tate no Jutsu]
A shield of water is formed around the user as a cylindrical barrier that reaches just above the user's head. The shield lasts for 4 posts, and after the initial creation that user can manipulate the water. This allows for water spikes, tentacles, hands and the like, though these appendages are not dexterous enough to handle a weapon. The bad thing is that the shield isn't that reliable, stronger (Chuunin Level) techniques can get through it but it is a good defense against simple taijutsu techniques.

- Waterfang Projectile [Suigadan]
The user sends his chackra into a nearby body of water and from it makes spikes of water that spin and can pierce an opponent.

- Water Reflection Clone Technique [Mizukaisou Bunshin no Jutsu]
A Jutsu that makes the user's reflection in the water able to step out and attack on its own. This type of Water Clone is just as powerful as the user is though the clone is unable to use any form of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. A single hit destroys this clone.

- Choking Fog [Ikigurushii Enmu]
The user super condenses the mist near the opponent making it hard to breathe. Although this isn't enough to kill someone or to do any real damage, it is enough to slow down their movements and place them into a panic-stricken state of mind. This altered state of mind helps the user in pulling off plans or just in simply finding them.

- Hidden Mist Skill [Kirigakure no Jutsu]
A highly effective cover technique which blankets an area in a thick fog, confusing the senses of the enemy. Unless the user is trained to fight without the use of his eyes this jutsu does not provide a significant combat advantage. This can also be used as a source for Mist based techniques.

- Water Sword [Mizu no Yaiba]
Creates a sharp sword made of solid water in the user's hand. The user can freely decide what shape and size he/she wants the sword to have, from a tiny dagger to a massive decapitator sword. However, this sword is weak and can only do minor slashes to human flesh, and can easily beaten by fire or high-pressure winds.

- Water Prison Skill [Suirou no Jutsu]
A skill used to trap the victim inside a prison of water; it is very difficult to escape. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep one arm inside the bubble at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned.

- Water Protection [Mizu Shugo no Jutsu]
An advanced version of the Water Armor. A thin layer of water covers the user's whole body. It gives him/her a small protection by dampening the effects from fire techniques by cutting their damage in half. It also protects from Taijutsu attacks. While the armor is on, it constantly draws out small amounts of both the user's chakra.

- Tornado of Water [Mizu no Tatsumaki]
A technique in which the user summons up a large spiraling vortex around him or herself. It can be used as both a defensive and offensive tool. Good at blocking long range attacks and fire jutsu and must be near a large source of water.

Bombarding Hail [Hougeki Arare] Stg 1
Using this jutsu requires great chakra control, performing hand seals and sending chakra into the clouds. After a bit of development, a ninja will form the percipitation of the cloud into hail. This hail will fall for a brief time from the clouds and by chakra control be targeted at the opponent.

- Sword of Draining [Mizukuri no Yaiba]
An advanced form of the Mizu no Yaiba. Instead of just making a sword made of stagnant water. The user instead makes the water move quickly giving it a higher tension level. Thus making it harder to bust up and giving it a sharper edge.

- Frozen Water Shield Technique [Touketsu Mizu Tate no Jutsu]
A shield of water is formed around the user that freezes partially when struck. The shield lasts for 4 posts, and after its initial creation the user can manipulate the water. This allows for water spikes, tentacles, hands and the like to come out. Any attacking appendage freezes momentarily before striking, increasing the amount of potential damage dealt. The bad thing is that the shield isn't that reliable, stronger techniques can get through it but it is a good defense against simple and intermediate taijutsuattacks.

- Mist Instantaneous Body Skill [Kiri Shunshin no Jutsu]
A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another in a veil of mist.

- Poison Mist [Doku Kiri]
The user spews forth a giant cloud of poisonous mist from his or her mouth that blankets an area of a 30 ft radius in a dark green mist. This mist is comprised of a weak poison that irritates the opponents' throat and lungs causing them to go into long and painful coughing fits.

- Water Chains Technique [Suikusari no Jutsu]
Creates chains made of water and binds an enemie's ankles and wrists. The strength and power of these chains depends on how skilled the user is with ninjutsu. The enemy can still perform seals if his arms are strong enough to move.

- Water Element; Water Cannon Technique [Suiton; Suihou no Jutsu]
A skill that lets the user spit a powerful beam of boiling water, strong enough to push down to cause physical damage. The user can spit three such beams consecutively, or fire them off one per post. After three posts, if any of the shots remain unfired, they are lost.

- Water Instantaneous Body Skill [Mizu Shunshin no Jutsu]
A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another through puddles of water.

- Water Collision Destruction [Suishouha]
After creating a large tornado of water the user can make it bear down on their opponent and move it at their will. Purely offensive and lacks any defensive capabilities.

Bombarding Hail [Hougeki Arare] (Stg 2)
Using this jutsu requires great chakra control, performing hand seals and sending chakra into the clouds. After a bit of development, a ninja will form the percipitation of the cloud into hail. This hail will fall for a brief time from the clouds and by chakra control be targeted at the opponent.

Water Trap of Restraint [Mizuwana no Yokuseiryoku]
Creates a large body tourniquet out of nearby water to wrap around an opponent or an unruly prisoner restraining their legs and arms. This can also be set up like a trap, for if somone steps on a puddle the trap will go off and attempt to restrain them.

Snow Blindness [Setsumou]
Used in conjunction with the Hidden Mist skill this makes things even more difficult to see. If used without the Hidden Mist skill, it is far less effective.The user makes snow begin to fall from the sky as thick as possible. This, of course, effects both the user and the opponent's vision.

- Water Element; Water Barrier [Suiton; Suijinheki]
An ultimate defense of the Mist Shinobi, Suiton Suijinheki requires a great deal of water to work. Upon completing the technique, a large, swirling barrier of water surrounds the user and any nearby allies. This protects against any fire technique, as well as any Ninjutsu that are projectiles by nature. Attempting to breach the barrier with Taijutsu is self-defeating, the opponent who attempts to do so will find himself being whirled around the barrier and slammed into the ground several times throughout the duration of the technique as he is caught in its strong current.

- Water Element; Water Dragon Blast Skill [Suiton; Suiryuudan no Jutsu]
A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is then sent towards the opponent. Essentially a devastating single target attack.

- Grand Water Explosion Technique [Daibakufu no Jutsu]
After performing a long string of handseals the user creates a spiraling column of water that will circle the user and afterwards the user can force it to erupt into the opponent. Due to the immense force of the attack the opponent will be under the mercy of the water as it drags them away from the user.

- Water Element; Water Shark Blast Technique [Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu]
A powerful attack that requires its target to be on or near the water, this technique creates a large shark comprised of water that can be used to attack in one of two ways. Primarily, the shark is sent towards the opponent at a charge, attempting to strike the opponent with extreme bashing force as well as trying to rend him with its teeth. The second, more devious use involves the shark attempting to swallow the opponent. In this case, the shark is hidden under the water until it attacks. If it manages to swallow an opponent, he is trapped within a sphere of water for 2 posts as the shark itself dissolves. After an attack, successful or not, it vanishes. Must be near a large source of water.

Bombarding Hail [Hougeki Arare] (Stg 3)
Using this jutsu requires great chakra control, performing hand seals and sending chakra into the clouds. After a bit of development, a ninja will form the percipitation of the cloud into hail. This hail will fall for a brief time from the clouds and by chakra control be targeted at the opponent.

- Unstoppable Cyclone Technique [Mukyuu Teikiatsu no Jutsu]
After creating a spiraling column of water the user turns it on it's side and makes it spin faster. They then release it and let it go on a speeding rampage destroying almost anything in its way.

- Water Element; Rising Blast [Suiton; Suishouha]
Using large amounts of chakra, the user creates water from thin air and forms so much that it creates a mini-tidal wave. The water then does not dissipate for the duration of the battle, thus creating an arena where the user has a large advantage. If the climate is exceptionally arid, such as a desert, the water only lasts for 10 posts before draining into the sand. The depth of the water once the wave has settled is anywhere between 8 to 10 feet.
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Kazu Tenkiro

Kazu Tenkiro

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu's jutsu's   Kazu's jutsu's Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 4:43 pm

Lightning Cage Technique [Denkou no Ori no Jutsu]
This technique uses chakra to set up a powerful web of electrical currents surrounding a victim. Lightning shoots from the user's fingertips and surrounds the victim, shocking him as the current surrounds him. The cage deals little damage to those trapped within, but anyone trying to leave is in for a real shock. Unfortunately, while the cage does a good job of keeping most people inside, it also damages anyone trying to reach into the field to attack. Magnetic currents protect the victim from attacks from metal objects, and electrical attacks are likewise useless.

- Lightning Screen [Denkou no Shahei]
After performing a row of hand-seals, the user places his hands on the ground and in front of him a large and powerful field of lightning erupts from the ground and lasts for a few seconds before dissipating. This field not only shocks anyone unlucky enough to touch it, it also does a good job of deflecting lightning techniques, not to mention anything involving metal.

- Static Clone Technique [Seidenki Bunshin no Jutsu]
After a row of hand-seals, several electrical fields erupt from the user's hands and form into vaguely humanoid shapes. A simple genjutsu is used to then make the fields look like the user or anyone else the user chooses. Although the clones can't exert any physical force, if an opponent comes into contact with it, it dissipates and heavily shocks the him or her.

- Magnetic Beacon Technique [Jijou Houka no Jutsu]
The user sends electrical waves to a metal object, causing it to turn into an electrical magnet. This jutsu has an advantage over the Magnetic Parry Technique in that the user need not touch nor hold onto the object to give it its electrical charge. It's very common to place a magnetic charge on an object held by an opponent, after which the user can track that person using a device similar to a compass.

- Blade of the Lightning God [Raijin no Ittou]
The user focuses chakra into either arm and collects ambient electricity into a tight lattice around the forearm and hand. By compressing the electricity and chakra together, the user forms a single-use electrical blade. While the blade has no real substance and thus cannot block or parry, its side-effect more than makes up for it - the area around that which is struck by the blade will be instantly shocked numb. Area around the spot that the blade strikes will be completely numb for two posts. The blade disappears after striking the opponent, since all of its electricity enters the opponent during the strike.


- Lightning Scorch Technique [Denkou Yakekoge no Jutsu]
The user performs a short row of hand seals, ending with his hands pointing towards his victim. Lightning bolts shoot out of his finger tips and dance along the victim's flesh, causing severe burns all over the body. This jutsu has the advantage of being difficult to block or dodge without the victim hiding behind something that doesn't conduct electricity.

- Human Lightning Rod [Hiraishin no Jintai]
The user emits a powerful field of electrical energy; anyone caught within it gains a negative charge. The user positively charges the air around him, meaning that anyone within the field is constantly shocked by lightning. Although this jutsu is almost impossible to dodge while within the field, the field only extends 10 meters from the user. This jutsu also does a great job of disrupting electrical jutsu aimed at the user.

- Touch of the Lightning God [Raijin no Hadazawari]
The user gathers a large amount of chakra into his fingertips and converts it to electricity. The electricity then bursts from the fingertips and seeks out the victim. The lightning doesn't rend the flesh, but instead eletrifys the opponent, seeking out and attacking the heart and nervous system. The pain this jutsu causes is said to be unbearable. Victims of this jutsu frequently have heart attacks within 24 hours after being hit, so medical care is highly advised.

- Grasp of the Lightning God [Raijin no Haji]
The user gathers a tremendous amount of eletricity into their hands. The user then grabs the opponent with both hands and sets up a powerful current of eletricity through the opponent's body. This eletricity not only electrifies its victim, but also renders the area around where the opponent is holding immobile, although other parts of the victim's body can freely move.


- Violent Thunderclap [Hageshii Jinrai]
An extremely powerful Raiton ninjutsu that requires the pinnacle of chakra control to perform. The user gathers massive amounts of chakra into his palms and flattens it out into a disc extending over each hand that absorb any ambient electricity. Once the discs have collected enough ambient energy, the user smashes his palms together, creating a deafening thunderclap accompanied by a hemispherical electric shockwave that travels outward from the hands. With all of this occurring within a few seconds, it is clear to see why the utmost of chakra control is required.

- Dance of the Condemned [Keito no Mai]
This jutsu, considered forbidden for its cruelty, partially shuts down a person's nervous system, sending them into a form of nervous shock that ends with the person being unable to move for a brief period. In order to perform this technique, the user must perform a long row of hand seals and then touch the victim's neck or spinal chord (touching clothing or armor in that area is fine, as long as it can't block electricity). Repeated use of this jutsu has been known to cause permanent nerve damage.
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Kazu Tenkiro

Kazu Tenkiro

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu's jutsu's   Kazu's jutsu's Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 4:44 pm

Metamorphic Rock [Henseigan]
The user can take any rock they can get their hands onto and change it's shape into almost anything. They can widen it, they can lengthen it, and they can even sharpen the edges.

- Statue Clone Skill [Doton; Zoubunshin no Jutsu]
The user gathers a large amount of stone and creates a bunshin out of it. The Bunshin is slightly larger than the user to protect more and is very enduring but it is incapable of any movement.

- Earth Element; Inner Earth Reflection Lure [Doton; Dochuu Eigyo]
An attack used in conjunction with any clone skill. The user remains underground while the enemy wastes their time and energy fighting with clones. By hiding in the clones' shadow, the user is able to secretly attack the opponent without giving away their position.

- Earth Element; Mud River [Doton; Doryu Taiga]
In this common earth jutsu, the user converts part of the floor\ground that he and his opponent are standing on into a sliding river of mud and earth. The opponent quickly loses his or her standing and starts sliding wherever the mud river will take him or her.

- Knight of Dust [Chiri no Kishi]
A technique where the user gathers dust and dirt particles and makes them into armor. The user brings forth the particles to their skin then adheres them to their skin and infuses them with chackra making a thin layer of weakened armor. Because of the extra weight gained through this process the user's speed suffers some but not to any great extent.

- Stone Sword Skill [Iwaken no Jutsu]
By placing their hand on the ground and infusing it with chackra the user is able to pull out a sword made of stone. Because of the low level of the technique the sword will be slightly duller and heavier than its metal counterpart. It is good for use as a blunt weapon though.

- Earthen Flower [Tsuchihana]
A technique where the user makes a large flower made of stone come from the ground and clasp onto the opponent's leg. The part of the flower that is holding onto the opponent's leg has a tether on it so that the opponent may move in a preordained area.

- Subtle Shockwaves [Seichi Yoshin]
A good deal of strength is required on the user's part for this jutsu. The user gathers up some chackra into their fist and punches the ground send a strong vibrating shockwave through the ground that will knock an opponent off balance.

- Stone Pillar Lv.1 [Iwachuuseki]
A technique in which the user sends a disc of chackra into the ground. Once this disc is stepped on a stone pillar erupts from it sending the stepper flying through the air.

- Stone Needles [Senbon no Iwa]
The user creates a large amount of needles out of rock, dirt, and clay and sends them flying toward their opponent. The needles are sent out from the ground at an upward slant toward the opponent.

- Stone Clone Skill [Iwabunshin no Jutsu]
An advanced version of the Statue Clone Skill, this jutsu takes the surrounding rocks and forms them into a moving constructs that can be made to look like almost anything. The creature retains the resiliency of its previous incarnation, and even has incredible strength, but it is slow and the chakra that holds it together dissipates after a time.

- Earth Element; Inner Decapitation Skill [Doton; Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu]
This earth jutsu allows the user to "dive" into the ground and move around in it as if it was water, or even thin air. The user's chakra displaces the earth around him or her, moving out of the way to create a tunnel just ahead of the user. This ability allows the user to get near an opponent without notice and when below him, or even pull down the opponent to ground. This jutsu does not confer any special ability to breath through the dirt, nor does it allow one to sense things above the ground. One weakness of this jutsu is that, while the user can pass underground with great stealth, the displacement of the ground on the surface when both entering and exiting makes a faint noise.

- Hidden Earth Instantaneous Body Skill [Iwagakure Shunshin no Jutsu]
An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another by slowly lowering his body to the ground and eventually become "buried" in it. The user has to have been to the area before, and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport him there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile.

- Stone Pillar Lv.2 [Iwachuuseki Lv.2]
An advanced version of the Stone Pillar. With this version the pillar has several spike and blade like structures jutting out of it and it is also spinning as it comes from the ground making it hard to keep balance allowing them to possibly fall onto the spikes and get torn up by them.

- Volcanic Rock of Pain [Kazangan no Itami]
The user sends chackra through the ground, which brings up a large rock filled with liquid hot magma. The user sends it toward their opponent and controls its movement with their chackra. Once the rock runs into something it bursts open sending large amounts of the magma everywhere. Especially painful if it is on you.

- Earthen Disruption [Tsuchi Chaca]
The user takes a large amount of chackra and places it into their fist. The user then sends the punch into the ground. The chackra is sent into the ground and once there it explodes causing the opponent to be thrown upward somewhat and be hit by stray rocks flying through the air.

- Earth Clone Technique [Doton; Tsuchi Bunshin no Jutsu]
By using clay and dirt in between rocks that are used to strike opponents, powerful yet fast clones can be made from the surrounding terrain. While the clones are exceptional in all ways, they only last a small amount of tine before crumbling apart.

- Earth Element; Splitting Earth Force [Doton; Retsudo Tenshou]
This causes a violent earth rift to be sent towards an opponent by slamming one's open palms on the ground and sending chakra deep in. The earth rifting force can cause unstable grounds to completely collapse, and basically crack open the ground ahead and causes changes to the landscape as well as cause some severe damage.

- Mausoleum Earth Dumpling [Doryou Dango]
After striking the ground with their hands, the user is able to overturn the earth into a large dumpling shape chunk of earth the size of a mausoleum. Using their immense strength, they can lift up the ball and hurl it at his opponent, flattening all in its path.

- Pinball Wizard [Sennin no Pachinko]
The user summons up a ball of pure rock that is completely smooth and spherical that is about the size of a human. The user then infuses the ball with chackra and sends it towards their enemy. If the ball hits anything but flesh it will bounce off and head in the opposite direction. The user must keep feeding the ball chackra to keep it going and in doing so the boulder goes faster causing more damage.

- Bronze Clone [Doton; Douzobunshin no Jutsu]
A clone composed of the innards of the earth. It is a mixture of rock, clay, and raw bronze ore. The clay rests within the joints while the rock sits at unimportant parts and the bronze ore sits at more critical spots. With this addition of the bronze the clone is much faster but weaker than the other clones.

- Earth Element; Earth Barrier Prison [Doton; Kekkai Doroudoumu]
A technique which completely surrounds an opponent in a prison made of clay or earth. The user then is able to absorb the enemy's chakra through the walls. Since the walls of the prison are infused with a user's chakra, any damage taken by the prison is capable of being repaired/regenerated by that chakra.

- Earth Element; Earth Dome [Doton; Iwa no Doomu]
A defensive variation of "Earth Element; Earth Barrier Prison," this jutsu retains its counterpart's characteristics and more. Instead of encasing one's opponent in a dome, this jutsu enables the user to shield himself inside a thick dome of stone which is not only difficult to destroy, but also automatically repairs any damage done to it.

- Earth Element; Underworld Swamp [Doton; Yomi Numa]
A technique which gradually creates a large viscous swamp underneath an opponent. The enemy is unable to move once trapped within the swamp, also it has the distinct ability to subdue any chakra effect, and hence one cannot walk on it using chakra. The swamp is roughly 10 feet in depth.

- The Five Pillars of the Colossus [Goh Chuuseki no Colossus]
The user charges up a large amount of chackra into their hands and slams them onto the ground releasing a large amount of seals over the ground in a 50-yard radius. At five corners of the area large 5 pillars are brought up with a lone mark on them that represents chackra. The chackra in these pillars creates a special dust that counters any use of chackra. This makes any chackra based moves useless in this area.

- Land Meteor [Nagareboshichi]
The user summons up a large boulder the size of a small building and launches it at their opponent. Because of the size of the boulder and the friction the air gives it as it rolls the boulder will catch on fire making it look sort of like a meteor.

- Iron Clone [Tetsu Bunshin no Jutsu]
A slight upgrade to the Bronze Clone. The clone now has iron ore embedded within it. This makes it much more powerful but at the same time slows it down quite a bit.

- Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile [Doton; Doryuudan]
In this jutsu, a large mud\stone structure appears from the ground in the shape of a dragon's face. The dragon then shoots many earth\mud "cannon balls" which hit the enemy with great speed. | S-Rank | The head lasts three posts, and the cannonballs can be shot out afterwards simply by paying the chakra cost, without performing the jutsu again.

- The Seven Pillars That Support Heaven [Shichi Tenchuu]
A more advanced version of the 5 Pillars of the Colossus. The user summons up 7 pillars that have the kanji for empty placed on them. Whoever is in the radius between the 7 pillars will be trapped and have their chackra drained at a frightening rate including the user and allies.

- Total Land Shift [Zenchi Koutai]
By pushing a large amount of their chackra into the ground the user can move the earth beneath them causing massive rifts and upheaval of the nearby area. This can be used in several strategies including giving the user a fresh supply of large rocks and loose chucks of ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazu's jutsu's   Kazu's jutsu's Icon_minitime

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Kazu's jutsu's
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