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 DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke)

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DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke) Empty
PostSubject: DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke)   DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 3:01 pm

Name:The DeiKatsu Clan

Gekki Genkai:Exploding clay mouth

Backstory:The Deikatsu clan was unknown to most of the Shinobi world. And not many member's still live. This clan is slowly replenishing.
after the death of thier most powerfull clan member deidera they slowly started to emerge from hiding. all member's range in skill and artistic skill.
All with the ability to create Artisctic and destructive force.

Information:This clan possesses mouths in the palms of his hands, which can chew up clay and sculpt it into a number of artistic, and usually explosive, forms, thus the name "exploding clay". The clan can create clay and make the clay explode by saying "Katsu".
The Mouth's Chew on the clay and dirt(For RP benefit's. no all place's have clay) Then chewing and sculpting into shape's and object's of exploding force.
Each rank having less power in the explosion and force. When a clan member is taught how to create these bomb's inst like learning how to do a jutsu.
originally they are taught how to create basic explosive shape's.When a member wishes to learn a Jutsu/Bomb they must 1. Learn how to make basic shape's like ball's and square's. then they can ask to be shown how to make a Proper Bomb. But after shown their body doesn't understand how the animal;/ bug work's. So they must Literally RP wise kill/catch and devour that animal/bug. Then their body can truly understand how to create the Bomb properly. But when they reach the higher rank's of jounin. Their ability to sculpt the clay becomes more talented. and they can create almost anything without the need to devour it's subject's by taking info from similar animal's/bug's etc. Also. A clan trait is they can see the clan they have sculpted as a bright blue. this is so they can always understand how far away the C1/C2/C3/C4. is and where the location is.

~Kamikaze mouth~

A member that has experience a near death situation gain's the Kamikaze Mouth located on the left side of their chest. This mouth when fed clay absorbs the clay through their body as a black HIGHLY explosive Substance.

Then the clay spread's through every small detail of their bloodstream. muscle's EVERYWHERE!
This cause's the skin to become pure black. When the body becomes entirely black it will take about 0.1 second's before the body will explode sending out a blast so powerful it would destroy a village.

The mouth must be stitched up or after 48 hour's the user will die. After use the user obviously die's but if they are in their first life. they don't get the option of a second life. and people who are on thier second life only have a quater of the power in the explosion.
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DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke) Empty
PostSubject: Re: DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke)   DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 3:10 pm

this was made by her on another site so it may look wierd
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DeiKatsu (Diedara's Clan no Joke)
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