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this is akatsuki roots please enjoy.
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 The Story of The Akatsuki

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PostSubject: The Story of The Akatsuki   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:25 pm

the villages at present are in a time of quiet peace after the second great ninja war, the five great ninja countries are rebuilding themselves from the damage taken on their sides while some of the lesser known lands build up forces in case of another war but there is a crack in the face of this quiet peace, also known as the akatsuki, the akatsuki are tailing the nine tailed demon beasts and they're taking down anyone who gets in their way and there is also a new power within the akatsuki known as the junior akatsuki while the name seems innocent they're anything but.......also there is a rumor one secretly guarded among all high ranking ninja one about.........a tenth tailed beast
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The Story of The Akatsuki
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